alternatives to the “ugg boot”

If it’s one thing I hate about winter besides the cold & snow…it’s uggs. Yeah sure, of course I own a few pairs…but as I get older I really started to see what so many people see. Uggs really are hideous! Literally everywhere I go I see every girl in the same tired overrated shoe! … Continue reading

fashion inspirations

It’s no secret that I am most definitely a girly girl and that I love fashion! Below are some of my favorite fashionista’s that I look up to for my style.  I wish that I could share a closet with these women!

favorite outfits

Hey guys! I decided to share with you some of my favorite outfits for “going out” in! Enjoy!   Well, those are some of my favorites! I’ll make sure to make more “outfit” posts like this in the future!