natural solutions

Hello everyone, while I am away at school I haven’t been able to get my hair done as often as I usually do (blown dry & relaxers)…I do not wear a weave, so I have to work with my natural hair. For women with the coarser hair type here are some tips for doing your … Continue reading

me time

Finally Friday! How was your week? Today I got up really early to go get my nails done! Since I no longer work at Abercrombie & Fitch, I can now have dark nails! So excited, I hated my nails light! Afterwards, I went to get my hair done…it’s getting light again, do you like? I … Continue reading

hair styles: ribbon

Hi there! Okay so I know that sometimes we may get a little bored with our hair. So here are some fun ways to jazz up your hair in no time, while only using a ribbon (you can buy them at craft stores, or pretty much anywhere!) here is the basic ponytail, with a ribbon … Continue reading

rest of the week

Good afternoon guys! So earlier this week I told you a little about what I did, well here is a little what I did for the rest of this week! for starters, I cleaned my room! my mom kept talking about how bad it looked & finally I got sick of it too and I … Continue reading

how to make a bandana headband

Here’s a very easy way to make those fashionable bandana headbands that are quickly becoming a new trend. Easy & takes a few seconds…Enjoy! start with your bandana, fold in half diagonally, then fold point to top until finished! wala, magic! what it looks like on


I’m sure you have seen Lady Gaga’s hair-bow that she made famous a while back, so I decided to recreate it on my cousin’s hair <3! I think it turned out pretty good! It is very easy to do, and quick.  I recommend practicing it on someone before you do it on your own, because … Continue reading