while I’ve been away

Hi. So it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged & so I’m here to catch you guys up on what I’ve been up to! My friend & I went to PF Changs for a dinner a few days ago. I ordered Anastasia Dip Brow! Can’t wait to try it on & tell you guys … Continue reading

today: winter wonderland edition

Well today in my hometown we got like 6-10 inches of snow depending on where you live. The snow didn’t even stop coming down until a few hours ago. My dog of course loved it and ran around and played in the snow. This morning I made a quick breakfast of eggs, hash-browns, and bacon. … Continue reading

holiday preparations

Hey there! Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday. Today is my last day of rest before the crazy week of final exams, at least mine are at the end of the week! How’s the weather where you are? It has been freezing here, I can’t stand it! I’m so excited to go home for the … Continue reading

1 week down…

…1 more to go! Have you guys heard about how the world is supposedly ending next Friday? Haha well 1 more week, we’ll see! What have you done this week? Are your decisions being impacted by the rumor? Or not at all? Well I had my final exams in college this week…very stressful! And next … Continue reading


Hello 🙂 today I went to lunch with my mom and had a yummy sandwich (chicken on focaccia). How was your day? Ready for the weekend!

good morning

Good morning/afternoon folks! Just ate breakfast with my dad & getting ready to work in a few hours! Enjoy your Saturday!

thank god it’s fridays

Hey everyone! On Saturday my younger cousin, Rhyarna asked to sleepover, and I decided to treat her to Fridays since her 14th birthday was coming up! How was your weekend? Enjoy the rest of the day!

what i’ve been up to

Hey there! so it’s finally Friday, and I am currently getting over a cold, ugh it sucks! Here is what I’ve been up to for this week since you last heard from me…   Now I have to get ready to do homework 😦 What did you do this week?


Hi loves <3! Well my day started about 8:30 am this morning.  I went out to breakfast at a local diner with my brother and mom. Afterwards I went a did a little bit of running around.  First to get my nails done, then I went to two different malls, I wanted to find those … Continue reading

spontaneous surprises

So I’ve had a very tasteful past few days lol. Hmm well starting with Friday evening, I was pretty bored and was at a friends house just catching up on life and watching TV, when my mom came home from work she randomly decided to take my brother and I out to eat…fine with me! … Continue reading