alternatives to the “ugg boot”

If it’s one thing I hate about winter besides the cold & snow…it’s uggs. Yeah sure, of course I own a few pairs…but as I get older I really started to see what so many people see. Uggs really are hideous! Literally everywhere I go I see every girl in the same tired overrated shoe! … Continue reading

I can’t live without my…

G’afternoon readers! Okay, so I know that everyone (particularly us ladies) have those certain items that we just can’t live without…if we forget it, we turn back around and get it. At the moment I have several things I can’t live without. Of course this changes through the months..but as of right now, these are … Continue reading


For those of us who live in the north we have already felt the wrath of old man winter…although technically winter begins Dec. 21, it already feels like it’s here! Fall is long gone..check out my list of ins and outs for this winter season.  Also, more personal posts to come within the next few … Continue reading

1 week down…

…1 more to go! Have you guys heard about how the world is supposedly ending next Friday? Haha well 1 more week, we’ll see! What have you done this week? Are your decisions being impacted by the rumor? Or not at all? Well I had my final exams in college this week…very stressful! And next … Continue reading


Hey you! How is your Saturday? Today I woke up & went to the mall to get a watch that I liked. Unfortunately, the last one they had was missing a piece, so I ordered another one to be delivered at my house :)! Below was my outfit of the day! enjoy your weekend!

hump day

We’re almost there guyssssss!!! It’s almost the weekend! Haha stay strong! This week feels so slow to me 😦 my cousin visited a few days ago & besides my daily routine of going to class, much hasn’t been going on!!

happy friday

Woo hoo! It’s Friday!!! Well I didn’t have class or work today so it was great to sleep in. I got my nails done, and did a little bit of shopping 🙂 check out my pictures too from Thursday night when I hung out at the hookah bar again. Have a great weekend!

what i’ve been up to

Hey there! so it’s finally Friday, and I am currently getting over a cold, ugh it sucks! Here is what I’ve been up to for this week since you last heard from me…   Now I have to get ready to do homework 😦 What did you do this week?

new accessories

So I’ve had another long work week, and to reward myself (LOL) I decided to buy some accessories today after my shift ended.  Check it out below:          

new purchases

G’afternoon y’all! Okay so yesterday I told you guys about a few new items I purchased over the past few days, well, here they are: