alternatives to the “ugg boot”

If it’s one thing I hate about winter besides the cold & snow…it’s uggs. Yeah sure, of course I own a few pairs…but as I get older I really started to see what so many people see. Uggs really are hideous! Literally everywhere I go I see every girl in the same tired overrated shoe! Ladies, YOU STILL can have a wide shoe variety in the winter! Don’t follow the crowd and wear those ugly moon boot look a likes. Below are a list of alternatives to Uggs. All shoes are from Neiman Marcus, but they are a guide, so you can find affordable alternates! Comment below if you can think of more ugg alternatives. Just say no!

this will look great with jeans! I also like the lace up combat boot look, pretty much goes with any outfit

another everyday look with jeans or leggings. also a perfect shoe for a date night!

every girl needs a pair of riding boots. this is more of a weekend shoe, and not for everyday, but it still looks great. perfect with skinny jeans or black leggings

Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, another good weekend shoe

this can be an everyday or weekend shoe, yes it’s made by ugg, but that’s ok! I’m specifically talking about the classic ugg boot, not their other styles

absolutely love these! for those lazy sweatpants days

another lazy day cozy shoe alternate

And finally, if you insist on wearing ugg boots, try these instead of the ‘classic’.



these styles are less worn by women than the ‘classic’, at least you won’t look like everyone else. but please…try not to buy them anyways. no more excuses! I’ve posted plenty of comfy & dressy alternatives, you can stand out this winter


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