I can’t live without my…

G’afternoon readers! Okay, so I know that everyone (particularly us ladies) have those certain items that we just can’t live without…if we forget it, we turn back around and get it. At the moment I have several things I can’t live without. Of course this changes through the months..but as of right now, these are my favorite things!

I can’t live without my..

iPhone this one is self explanatory

Hermes Clic H I’m not a jewelry fan by any means, but this bracelet can work with a “Starbucks run” outfit, or an evening gown for a black tie affair

Louis Vuitton Neverfull well really I can’t live without a purse as my perfect accessory, this just happens to be my bag of the moment

Black Leggings I have so many pairs of these, they are just too comfortable and go with any shoes/outfit

Mascara even on days I don’t feel like getting glam, I still always make sure to coat mascara on my lashes, after this tube is dry…I’m going to try mascara from Urban Decay…I’ll review it for y’all

Sports Bra I usually always wear a sports bra. Much more comfy than a regular bra. To me the choice is like deciding on what pants to wear…jeans or yogas/leggings. I think we all know my choice

Manicured Dark Nails for those who know me personally, you know I get my nails done regularly, about every other week. Chipped nails is unacceptable. I feel like a man if my nails aren’t done.


Well, there you have it. What are some things you can’t live without?


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