a perfect christmas

Yay so my favorite holiday is just around the corner! Christmas! Besides the gifts of course lol, I love being around my family. I usually host Christmas at my house and we have so much fun laughing and talking together as a family. Soooo with that being said, of course I have to make my Christmas lift! What a perfect world it would be if I got everything I asked for (yeah, I wish) but here’s my perfect Christmas wish list anyways. Even if I only get one thing I’ll be the happiest girl! I’ll let you guys know if I get anything I asked for lol. Enjoy! Comment your wish list! I’m curious to see 🙂

Happy Holidays xx


Gift card of a substantial amount to Neiman Marcus. Second favorite store after Saks.


Pair of diamond earrings…at least 1ct


iPad Mini 2. I actually already have an iPad but the mini seems so much more convenient


iPhone 5S gold.


Chestnut Ugg Coquettes. Probably the cheapest thing on this list lol


Black Celine Phantom. Apparently Saks will not have another shipment for the next 6 months…So in demand!


New Northface


Last but not least…new camera!


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