For those of us who live in the north we have already felt the wrath of old man winter…although technically winter begins Dec. 21, it already feels like it’s here! Fall is long gone..check out my list of ins and outs for this winter season.  Also, more personal posts to come within the next few days…sorry I’ve been slacking on the blog lately.  Blame WordPress, their mobile app keeps deleting the post I publish and its very frustrating, it’s very rare I make a post from the computer since I am always on the go!


Dark Nails

Matte Coat Finisher

Real Fur


Combat Boots

Ugg Coquette

Straight Hair

Hair Extensions

Oversize Totes

Saks (great winter clothes deals…especially on sweaters and furs)


No Makeup Days (we saw your bare face ALL summer)

Curly Hair

Michael Kors

“Stiletto” nails

Plaid (so 2011)

Ugg Boots (c’mon girls, expand your winter shoe fashion..)

Nordstrom (sadly, it’s now become a step above Macy’s…clientele has fallen off..& the merchandise)

Faux Fur (gross)

Cross Body Purses (more of a summer/fall accessory)

Participate in my poll! Just curious…

see you tomorrow :)….granted that the mobile app is working!

2 Responses to “winter”
  1. touchoftori says:

    So glad you like doing ‘ins and outs’ too! their my favorite posts to read

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    Gorgeous makeup!

    – KW

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