detroit summers: the countown (part 2)

Sorry for the late post! My mom came to town (where I go to college) with my brother and we went to eat and to the mall.  Anyways, back to the countdown as promised! Remember, these are in no particular order!

6. Detroit River Days – Downtown Detroit is beautifully set off of the Detroit River which divides the USA with Windsor, Ontario (Canada).  Every summer usually in July, we have what is called “Detroit River Days” where off of the river there are concerts and activities.  The Canadian side also has a similar event.  Campus Martius park is also a relaxing area in downtown where there is usually live music playing, and right across from restaurants such as HardRock Cafe.

7. Detroit-Canada International Freedom Festival – Next on the list, are the annual fireworks! Held usually the last weekend in June, an estimated 1 million people from around the area all pack into downtown for the fireworks and festivities.

8. Detroit Gold Cup – This is an annual summer event held by the Detroit Yacht Club where for a weekend Hydroplanes race on the Detroit River…going speeds of up to 200 miles per hour! This has been a Detroit tradition since 1915! Although it does cost money for tickets, a good way to avoid this is by watching the races from Belle Isle (a small park located on an island between Detroit and Canada).  Although your view may not be as good as ticket payers, free isn’t so bad! This is held sometime in the middle of July.

9. Detroit Grand Prix – Similar to the Gold Cup, this is held on Belle Isle and the Renaissance Center (GM Headquarter Building). This is a professional auto race.  It is sponsored by Quicken Loans and has been a tradition since 1989.  It features the IndyCar series, and has racers from all over the world.

Okay so it’s getting late, so I am going to wrap this up! Tomorrow I will finish with part 3 which will showcase more of the over 18 entertainment activities.  See you all tomorrow 🙂


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