Hello 🙂 today I went to lunch with my mom and had a yummy sandwich (chicken on focaccia). How was your day? Ready for the weekend! Advertisements

saturday catch up :)

Hi thereeeee 🙂 Last night I went to Starbucks to catch up with one of my good friends Eldar (who I’m also convincing to make a blog), after downing our grande vanilla bean frappes, we went to Whole Foods. I was in heaven! I had never been there and I just wanted to buy everything!! … Continue reading


Hey you! How is your Saturday? Today I woke up & went to the mall to get a watch that I liked. Unfortunately, the last one they had was missing a piece, so I ordered another one to be delivered at my house :)! Below was my outfit of the day! enjoy your weekend!

hair styles: ribbon

Hi there! Okay so I know that sometimes we may get a little bored with our hair. So here are some fun ways to jazz up your hair in no time, while only using a ribbon (you can buy them at craft stores, or pretty much anywhere!) here is the basic ponytail, with a ribbon … Continue reading