hump day

We’re almost there guyssssss!!! It’s almost the weekend! Haha stay strong! This week feels so slow to me 😦 my cousin visited a few days ago & besides my daily routine of going to class, much hasn’t been going on!! Advertisements

good morning

Good morning/afternoon folks! Just ate breakfast with my dad & getting ready to work in a few hours! Enjoy your Saturday!

happy friday

Woo hoo! It’s Friday!!! Well I didn’t have class or work today so it was great to sleep in. I got my nails done, and did a little bit of shopping 🙂 check out my pictures too from Thursday night when I hung out at the hookah bar again. Have a great weekend!

late nights

Hey guys. Last night I went out with friends to a local hookah bar that I never even knew existed! It was random & pretty chill. Hope y’all enjoy your Friday!

keeping you updated

Hey you! Okay so I’m sure you have all realized I haven’t updated my blog since the beginning of the month. Well the reason was because I was waiting until Word Press updated their mobile app and made it better because I don’t have time to update my blog on the computer everyday. Well today … Continue reading

terrible day

hey there! 🙂 okay, so today is such a gross day in here Michigan.  It’s super cold, and rainy outside.  I already have a slight cold, so now my nose keeps running and my throat feels sore again 😦 Today I went to Starbucks, and got a blended toffee nut white mocha…delicious! But today still … Continue reading

thank god it’s fridays

Hey everyone! On Saturday my younger cousin, Rhyarna asked to sleepover, and I decided to treat her to Fridays since her 14th birthday was coming up! How was your weekend? Enjoy the rest of the day!