what i’ve been up to

Hey there! so it’s finally Friday, and I am currently getting over a cold, ugh it sucks! Here is what I’ve been up to for this week since you last heard from me…


for starters, I tried out the new tenders at Burger King. They were disappointing, they tasted SUPER dry and they were hard. Definitely sticking to chicken selects from McDonalds

my little cousin Rhyarna came over on Sunday night, and we made Chicken Piccata. It was great catching up with her, can’t believe she’s in high school now!

me going to class on Monday. The picture on the right was my outfit of the day

Tuesday. Can you tell I have on false lashes? I bought some, I love them! Mascara never really seems to work for me

Wednesday night! Lifting at night, got to keep the arms toned 😉

me today! no makeup. after I woke up and got dressed I decided to get cupcakes…..

Just Baked Bakery!!!! So good!

I bought the Strawberry & Funfetti cupcakes

the Strawberry cupcake is my new favorite! So yummy!

Now I have to get ready to do homework 😦 What did you do this week?


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