House at the End of the Street: Review

Hey guys, so on Friday night after work I went to see House at the End of the Street (HATES).  Before you read the rest of this post, check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it below. This review is NOT a spoiler, so don’t worry about me ruining the movie for you.

So let’s begin. HATES starts of extremely slow, a teenage girl from Chicago moves to a suburban Pennsylvania town with her single mom, and soon develops a relationship with one of the occupants living at the house that is centered around the movie.  While HATES has its “scary” moments, which was due to the loud theater sound effects, and precise suspenseful scenes…I would not consider this a scary movie.  I consider it more of a psychological thriller, if that.  I honestly felt that the movie moved at a slow rate for this type of genre, and there were actually times when I was starting to get sleepy and bored.  The movie didn’t pick up until towards the end when the “twist” happened.  That was really the only thing that saved this movie and kept it from being a total snooze.  If this was a movie on netflix, I definitely would have turned it off before I even got to the twist.  It’s a good movie to see if you are going on a date or if someone is paying for you, because I would never waste my money again on this movie.

Rating: C-


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