the 10 things I wont miss about summer

For a majority of us here in the United States, summer officially ended Today (September 4th) and everyone is back in school including me.  On my Facebook and Twitter it is hard to avoid all the “R.I.P summer 2012 posts” …however, I am not really that sad to see summer end! Here are my top ten reasons in order of why:


10. Fashion: I am not sure about you, but I am not a fan of summer fashion.  I personally rather wear cute yoga pants with Uggs and a cardigan, than be scantly clad trying to avoid the summer heat.

9.  Bugs: This is pretty self explanatory.

8.  Summer Romance: Well every girl has that fantasy of meeting a totally hot guy over the summer and fall head over heels, only to get crushed when the reality hits that it was just a summer fling.  I’d much rather focus on school and having fun rather than chasing boys, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re bored in the summer, which brings me to number 7…

7.  Boredom: I’m sure we all follow that one person on Instagram who seems to post amazing pictures during the summer of the activities they are doing…but let’s be real here, that is far and few between.  The majority of us  have fun during some days of the week, but the others lazing around texting our friends about what we should do.

6. Summer Frizz: Any woman can relate to this, we straighten our hair, only to be outside in the heat for 5 minutes and end up looking like we scrubbed our head on the carpet.

5. Annoying Parents: Unlike the fall (school year) when most of us are busy with school and other extracurricular activities, it’s pretty easy to avoid our parents, however during the summer it seems like they are around much more and yelling at us for every little thing.

4. Missing Friends: For those who go away to school, it’s not as easy to see friends during the summer, which sucks :/

3. No Independence: Going with number 5, the ones who are college students and used to living on their own during the school year can be in for a culture shock when finding themselves living under the same roof as their parents for 3 months…which can feel like 3 years!

2. HEAT: Ugh, sure for those of us who live in colder climates, we often find ourselves cursing the snow during the winter and praying for warmer weather….but a constant 90 degrees? YUCK, sweaty clothes, irritability, and much more are common bad symptoms due to the scorching heat.

1. CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure if this is a Michigan problem exclusively, but it seems like every other road is lined up with orange barrels due to road makeovers, it makes driving THAT more frustrating!!!


Needless to say…BRING ON FALL!




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