home fitness

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great day so far.  Sooooooo I discovered that in my family room there were a few new pieces of workout equipment! This was a big deal to me because I love to stay fit and healthy and it’s great to always have workout items at home for the days when you don’t have time or don’t want to go to the gym! The equipment were from the “Step” company and also comes with a workout DVD if you’re not sure what some at-home moves are.

baby weights! hahaha

resistance bands

my personal favorite….exercise ball!

gosh I love the exercise ball! lol 🙂 oh and yes that is an ab circle pro you see in the back, never really used it before, not sure if it really works (it was a free gift)

Pilates ball, btw the stuff you see in the back are my cat’s toys lol

well there you go guys. I’m currently sitting in my bed typing up this post haha, well got to go (to the gym actually 🙂 talk to you guys soon!








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