what’s in my purse?

A while back I saw a blogger do a similar post about what their favorite items were and what was in their purse. So I have decided to do the same thing with you guys and show you what are usually keep in my purse.

This is the purse that I am currently carrying for the moment. It is a Guess brand purse, and I usually don’t carry purses, I recently just started. Even now most of the time I just carry my wallet in my pocket.

Maybelline Baby Lips!!! I cannot live without these, the pink is my main tube, and the red one is just for backup. Hahaha I should seriously be a spokeswoman for this product, I SWARE BY IT! It makes your lips feel sooooo silky and smooth. Love it!

Next is my wallet obviously, it’s so tiny that’s why I love it, because when I don’t want to carry my purse this slides right into my pocket. It holds my license and cards very well for being so small

Hair accessories, you never really know when you might need a hair clip or ponytail holder, so it’s always good to always keep an extra one handy.

Eyebrow brush and mascara are another emergency necessity. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I swear by mascara and I must always have clean-cut eyebrows.

My retainers! hahaha can’t go anywhere without these, I have to keep my teeth straight and perfect 🙂

Lastly would be my phone obviously! Can’t live without it ❤

What’s in your purse?


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