fashion inspirations

It’s no secret that I am most definitely a girly girl and that I love fashion! Below are some of my favorite fashionista’s that I look up to for my style.  I wish that I could share a closet with these women!

Marlo Hampton (right) from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is definitely one of the most stylish women on TV. Marlo looks like a million bucks whether she is hitting the red carpet or going to pump gas. She wears a lot of vintage clothing, and always has to-die-for accessories, and of course Louboutin shoes to match.

Why can’t I wake up & be her? Even though “Blair Waldorf” is a character on popular TV show “Gossip Girl” her classic prep style is untouchable by any other character on TV, not to mention her perfect headband to top everything off. She wears a lot of solid colors, with minimal makeup. Definitely cosmopolitan chic!

Now Kim Kardashian’s daily style is not my favorite, but i LOVE her red carpet looks. She is definitely someone who I look up to as far as dressing for evening events, from her hair & makeup, right now to her matching bracelet’s and nail color, she rarely misses a mark with evening style. So jealous!


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