20 questions

Just a little about me…

1. State your name:

2. State the name that your parents almost named you:

3. Which of your relatives do you get along with the most?
All of my cousins

4. What was your first job?
Abercrombie Model

6. Did anything embarassing happen this week?
Texting my dad something instead of my cousin, Darby

7. Do you miss your ex?

8. Do people praise you for your looks?

9. What is your favorite color of clothing to wear?

10. How do you wear your makeup?
I don’t wear it with the exception of mascara unless I go out, then it’s shadow & eyeliner

11. What are some of your nicknames?
hershey, B, queen, Brooklynn,

12. How many bedrooms are in your house?

13. How many bathrooms?

14. Do you have a job?

15. Do you have a car?

16. Do you work out every week?

17. Did you brush your teeth this morning?

18. Have you ever kissed someone you never saw again?
yes until recently

19. Have you ever sang in front of a crowd?
national anthem in 4th grade haha

20. What kind of bathing suit do you wear?
two piece

Hope you know me a little better hah, as soon as I figure out how to put a “question box” on here I will so that you can ask me questions yourself. Have a good day ❤


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