rest of the week

Good afternoon guys! So earlier this week I told you a little about what I did, well here is a little what I did for the rest of this week!


for starters, I cleaned my room! my mom kept talking about how bad it looked & finally I got sick of it too and I decided to spruce it up a little!




I also went to the hair salon and got my highlights & color fixed up! I absolutely love the color! It was great to finally have a change with my hair, I was getting really bored with it. For now, the blonde is here to stay.



Ive been practicing my Russian ALOT! all I do is watch Russian children shows and read books, it’s coming along pretty well actually, I just have to work on toning down my accent. It’s actually weird to think that native Russian speakers say I have an accent…in fact my friend said that my accent isn’t American, it’s Italian. Hahaha wow!


well I just ate the brunch my mother prepared for me & now I’m just relaxing because tomorrow morning I’m driving to Ohio!

have a good day


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