5 states in 5 days

Hello everyone! I’m back from my vacation! In case you were wondering why my blog hadn’t been updated…that’s why! I have lots of pictures and information to share with you guys…so let’s get started!

Thursday 5AM: I left the state of Michigan and traveled through Ohio & Pennsylvania to reach my first destination of Arlington, Virginia!


I went to the DC & Arlington area from Thursday until Sunday for a family reunion on my dad’s side.

Some activities we did were:


visiting the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC


passing by the Capital Building. That was really cool to see in person since I hope to one day work inside there passing and making new laws!


after sightseeing we had a family picnic…don’t my cousin & I look so excited! hahaha


I’m sure you’re wondering what this is. Well at our family dinner, the theme was a mystery dinner. When it was time to pick who you thought did the crime you filled out a paper and turned it in. Well obviously I picked the wrong answer, haha. He called my name out in front of everyone & I got my “award”.

Those were just some of the highlights of my trip, but of course more things happened. On Sunday afternoon, instead of coming back to Michigan, lots of family members headed to Ocean City, Maryland. On our way there our GPS routed us through Delaware! It was cool traveling through there since I had never been. Delaware is so tiny, we traveled the state in one hour! Here are some photos I took..



After a 3 hour drive total, we arrived in Ocean City!! I was sad that we were only staying for a night, but I still had so much fun! Especially swimming in the Atlantic! My cousin, dad, brother, & I wiped out so many times it was hilarious.








me at dinner

I love Ocean City & can’t wait to go back. The entire vacation was pretty fun, actually. Definitely the highlight of my summer so far. Well, it’s about 1:30pm and I have a few errands to run, talk to you guys soon!


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