beautiful saturday

hello everyone. hope you are having a good saturday! it’s such a beautiful day out today.  for starters, I woke up around 10AM because I was meeting a friend for coffee at Starbucks, yum!

So while I was in line at Starbucks, while waiting for my drink to be made and handed to me, the gentleman behind me grabbed my drink when it was completed and said told me that he got it for me! (toffee mocha nut frapp) How nice! So when I sat down, the lady who worked there, came to my table and handed me my money and told me that it was taken care of.  Such a nice suprise.

Next, my cousin texted me saying how she was going to stop by, so currently we are eating chinese & watching this cheesy comedy movie on Comedy Central while waiting for my friend Dominique to get home so we can play with his dog!

today’s outfit. simple crop top with leggins. the “shoe” you see is my walking cast since I broke my toe 9 weeks ago.

cousin 🙂


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